LaMaison’s Certified Home Inspections will provide you with the critical information that you need to make important home buying/selling decisions.

Buyer’s Home Inspection

Buying a home is one of the largest financial investments you will ever make. Therefore, knowledge about the condition of your prospective home is critical. Before you proceed with a purchase, you will need a thorough home inspection. LaMaison Home Inspections ensures that the home you want to purchase is a safe, healthy place for you and your family to live. All inspections are performed as if we were buying the property ourselves and exceed all state standards.

When completing a home inspection we look at thousands of items, appliances, structures and systems from the foundation to the top of the roof. We then provide you a professional, ASHI/NACHI Certified, unbiased report of the home’s condition. We deliver all of our reports within 24 hours of your home inspection.

Seller’s Home Inspection

LaMaison Inspections, a division of LaMaison Homes, has an extensive grasp of the seller’s side of the home inspection field due to our home building experience. LaMaison Home Inspections encourages sellers to complete a pre-listing inspection in order to facilitate a smoother sales process. As a seller, you know that once a prospective buyer makes an offer, there will be a home inspection. An existing home inspection can be used as a marketing tool, will save time and can help avoid last minute surprises that may hinder or even prevent a transaction from closing.

A pre-listing inspection can help the seller identify major expenses in the home he or she will need to rectify before selling the home, saving an immense amount of time and money. Being able to shop pricing for a contractor could save the seller thousands and with a potential closing on the line, the seller may be forced to take anyone available. If the seller has to deal with problems in the eleventh hour they may be forced to give the buyer a large credit that is financially much more than what it would cost to repair these things themselves.

As a seller, investing in a home inspection before putting your house on the market could save you money in the long run.

Having a home that is listed as pre-inspected also provides a marketing advantage to the seller because prospective buyers are given a sense of security knowing that major problems have already been addressed and will not cost them a fortune down the line.

A seller’s inspection report is not in lieu of one commissioned by the buyer, but it often accomplishes the goal of signaling openness and good faith while at the same time unearthing any unpleasant surprises.

In some cases, a preemptive seller’s inspection means repairs, such as leaks or faulty electrical wiring, will likely be completed in advance on the buyer’s behalf; less pressing matters may be flagged and the asking price adjusted down accordingly. To the buyer, the report means the seller cares about selling to someone who is going to be satisfied.

Inspections give sellers options. They can say to the buyer: “We found these problems, we wanted to make sure we sold the house in the best condition possible, so we fixed the problems so you do not have to deal with them.”

With a pre-listing inspection you will:

  • Minimize the time your house is on the market
  • Have an accurate gauge in which to adjust your sale price to reflect the FAIR estimated repairs
  • Possess the accurate information necessary to disclose the “as is” condition of your home

A certified Seller Inspection, performed by the professionals at LaMaison, will help prepare you for a smooth and favorable home selling experience.

Sarasota Home Inspection Services

Sarasota Home Inspection Services

Sarasota Home Inspection Services

Sarasota Home Inspection Services

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