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Home inspectors have over 1,600 things to examine during a home inspection. Bathrooms make up a large portion of these items, as they have a lot of potential for issues due to water leaks and possible microbial growth.  Listed are just some of the major components inspectors look for in the bathroom during your home inspection:
Getting a home inspection done is an essential part of buying a home, and it is important that you as the buyer understand the process.  If you can be present for the inspection, it can be a great learning experience. Asking questions and being involved can make you feel more comfortable about deciding on the home. Here are some questions we recommend you ask your home inspector:
One of the biggest reasons real estate deals fall through is due to roofing issues. The roof can turn into one of the most expensive items to repair in your home, especially if it is not maintained properly. You might be wondering just how long should your roof last? The answer really depends on several factors. Those being what materials were used, when the roof was built, the structure of the roof, how well it is maintained, and exposure to the elements. Here in Florida roofs typically have a shorter lifespan than in some other states because of the continuous exposure to extreme heat, high winds, and corrosion, particularly for those that live near the coastline.
La Maison Homes and Inspections in Manatee and Sarasota provide certified pre-listing home inspections to ensure that the best decisions can be made when selling a home. Most people are aware that you should get a professional home inspection when you are buying a home. However, you should also consider getting a pre-listing home inspection if you are selling your home. This can uncover any surprises and make the home selling process much easier. 
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