What is a Four-Point Insurance Inspection?

What is a Four-Point Insurance Inspection?

The Four-Point insurance inspection is often required by insurance companies to obtain a new homeowners’ policy or renew an existing policy once the home is 20 years old.  Some companies will wait until after the home is 30 years.

This inspection must be done by a certified, licensed home inspector.

What is included in the Four-Point Inspection?

The Four-Point inspection highlights the four main areas of the home:

  • Roof
  • HVAC
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing

The Four-Point Inspection is an insurance qualifying inspection. Our professional, certified inspector will survey these areas and look for any hazards or code issues. Insurance companies want to know what kind of equipment is being used, the age and condition of the equipment.  Sometimes insurance companies will have a maximum age for certain types equipment that they will insure, even if the equipment is in good working condition.

If issues arise during the inspection, the insurance company will decide if you need to repair or replace before the policy is issued. It is important to use a professional inspector, like La Maison Home Inspectors of Sarasota, we will provide a thorough report so your insurance company has all the information they need.

How can we help?

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