Common Home Inspection Issues in Florida

Common Home Inspection Issues in Florida

When buying a home or selling a home, the home inspection can make or break the deal depending on the severity of the issues. Listed below are some of the common home inspection issues. These are just a few of the more serious issues that might come up during the inspection, particularly with older homes. It is important to use a licensed, professional home inspector to make sure everything is inspected accurately.

La Maison Home Inspections provide professional and certified home inspections in Sarasota and Manatee County. We also build custom homes, so we know what to look for and what issues are important.

Here are some common home inspections issues in Florida:

  • Foundation issues: This can be one of the most serious issues as the foundation can be very expensive or even impossible to repair. Common issues with the foundation can be cracks or sloping floors.
  • Electrical system: Particularly with older homes, the electrical system may be an issue because they may not meet current building code. If your electrical system is antiquated, many insurance companies will not insure your home, and in turn, lenders will not provide a loan.
  • Plumbing and Water Damage: Standing water or water spots can be indicative of a problem with the roof or plumbing system and should be always been investigated. Also, the home inspector should always check water pressure and drainage as these are indicators of more serious issues.  In older homes, we recommend having the pipes scoped with a camera from the home to the street.
  • Roof issues: Any issues with the roof should be addressed when buying a home. Replacing a roof is a costly endeavor.  Repairs may range from needing to replace a few shingles to replacing the entire roof.  The inspector should be able to discuss roof life of certain materials and let you know approximately how many years your roof has on it.
  • Microbial Growth: Certain microbial growth may be present in areas like the bathroom or a crawl space where the ventilation is poor. Black mold is a very serious issue that can cause health problems, and it can be expensive to get rid of completely and should be addressed.
  • HVAC System: The heating and cooling system is another area of the home that can be costly to repair or replace for a buyer. Most systems that have been properly cared for in the state of Florida have a lifespan of around ten years.  However, many factors such as proximity to sea water or negligence can greatly decrease this estimated life span.

All of these issues can be repaired, but it is up to the buyer and the seller to determine what needs to be and what will be fixed and by whom before closing.  A pre-listing home inspection is so beneficial for a seller.  The pre-listing inspection will address any serious issues with the home so that they can either repair themselves or be aware of their repair price before listing the property.

A lot of these issues end up being beyond the scope of knowledge for a traditional home inspector.  However, at La Maison Homes and Inspections, we are owned by a General Contractor, and also build, remodel and repair homes.  Therefore we are able to discuss these issues with our clients and refer them in the right direction for repairs and replacements.  At La Maison, It is safe to say, we know homes. If you are buying or a selling a home and need a home inspector in Manatee, Sarasota or the surrounding counties, please contact us today!

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