What Do Home Inspectors Look For in the Bathroom?

What Do Home Inspectors Look For in the Bathroom?

Home inspectors have over 1,600 things to examine during a home inspection. Bathrooms make up a large portion of these items, as they have a lot of potential for issues due to water leaks and possible microbial growth.  Listed are just some of the major components inspectors look for in the bathroom during your home inspection:

  • Toilets: We check that the toilet is secure to the floor and the tank is secure to the bowl. We also check that the toilet is functional with no evidence of leaks. Also, per current building code, we make sure that the shut off valve is exposed and directly below the toilet.
  • Flooring: We check the bathroom floor for any soft spots, which can indicate issues in the subfloor. We also look to make sure there is sufficient caulking to prevent water from getting under the flooring where the floor meets the tub/shower.
  • Shower/tub: We run all the faucets, make sure the water is draining properly, check the water pressure, and check for any signs of leaks. We also check that the shower diverter is working properly. (The shower diverter is what redirects the water up to the shower head.) We will also look at the shower walls for any missing caulking, tiles and signs of rot.
  • Vents: We make sure that the vent in the bathroom is working and venting to the outside. Many older homes do not have vents in the bathroom, so we make sure there is a window that opens.
  • Lights: Check that all light fixtures are working. We also check that ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) are present.

These are just some of the important things that home inspectors look for in the bathroom. When you are buying a new home, it is essential to make sure there is no water damage or microbial growth because these can be costly to repair.  In older homes, we highly recommend having the camera/video snake run from the home all the way to the street. Using a certified, professional home inspector like La Maison Home Inspections can give you peace of mind when you are purchasing a new home for your family.

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